Water Softener - Benefits and Function

In many areas of Europe the degree of hardness of the drinking water is strongly increased. The use of a water softener, also called decalcification system, yields many benefits. The high degree of hardness in the drinking water produces more lime scale. The lime scales are noticeable in the bathroom first, for example in bath screens made of glass. This may be annoying, but it is not problematic. But it is different with lime scale that is not visible at first glance, like for example in electrical appliances, in pipes, in the heating system, in the boiler, the washing machine or the coffee machine. Through lime scale the lifespan of electrical appliances is significantly decreased and leads to high costs of repair or acquisition costs. A water softener prevents the occurrence of these problems.

Benefits through a Water Softening System

  • Lime scales in the shower, the bathtub or in the washbasin are avoided
  • No incrustations anymore in pipes and electrical appliances
  • The lifespan of electrical appliances is increased, for example of the washing machine and with that the costs of repairs and costs for new acquisitions are reduced
  • Significantly less consumption of detergents, cleaning agents or shower gels – savings of 50%
  • A new improved shower experience, softer skin and glossy, silky hair
  • Your laundry becomes softer and the durability of the textiles is extended
  • Softened water ensures a better taste of your foods and beverages, for example of coffee

Water Softener on the Basis of Ion Exchange

In particular calcium ions and magnesium ions are responsible for the water hardness. During the water softening process on the basis of ion exchange, the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium ions. The cation exchanger used for this is loaded with sodium ions and changes these equivalently with the ions of the hardeners calcium and magnesium. During the regeneration with brine this process is reversed and the cation exchanger is loaded again with sodium ions. After the exchange process you will receive water with a hardness grade of 0.

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