Nitrate removal a necessity

The reasons for the use of a nitrate filter are diverse and the legislator has determined not without a good reason that the nitrate limit should not exceed 50 mg per liter in the drinking water. Oftentimes this limit is exceeded and makes thus the use of a nitrate filter system a necessity.

Nitrate as Fertilizer

Nitrate serves plants as nitrogen source and ensures a strong growth of plants. Naturally, nitrate is included in fertilizers that are used for food production. Due to the huge demand of food an intensive fertilization of fields is necessary, through which the nitrate concentration in the soil is strongly increased. Obviously, the plants absorb a part of the nitrate, but the remaining parts that cannot be absorbed, are slowly but surely seeping into our groundwater. Not only the use of artificial fertilizers cause this negative effect, but also – and especially – the spreading of manure on agricultural fields.

Effects on the Human Body

Nitrate hinders the absorption of iodine and iodine deficiency is the long-term consequence. Through iodine deficiency there is the risk of a dysfunction of the thyroid and the formation of goiter.

Body own processes can transform nitrate into nitrite. Nitrite hinders the oxygen absorption of our blood. Although this is relatively harmless for an adult person this can be very dangerous for infants due to a life-threatening lack of oxygen.

Nitrite accumulates in blood vessels and capillaries and thus it can be the reason for long-term circulatory problems.

Carcinogenic nitrosamines can be formed in the body through nitrite.

A Nitrate Filter is the Solution

There is no reasonable cause to refrain from using a
nitrate filter when the nitrate level in your drinking water is elevated. When it comes to our food we pay attention to quality labels and organic labels. So why refrain from clean drinking water? Water is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. Nitrate filter systems on the base of an ion exchanger are reliable and need little maintenance.

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