Biggest water softener with inexpensive BNT control valve

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The water softener IWS 5000 is the biggest of the IWS series and is filled with 50 liters of resin. A high capacity and flow rate characterize the water softener IWS 5000. The ideal system for large water consumption. You will receive a detailed and easy to understand user manual and you can perform the startup of the descaling plant by yourself. By choosing one of our connection kits you the most important parts for the installation of the device. For first installion of a water softener set 2 is recommended. Feel free to contact us and receive a detailed and expert advice.

Connection Set 1:

2 pcs. Braided hoses on both sides with 1 "union nut, length 1000mm
1 pcs. Drain hose ½“, length 1500mm
1 pcs. Overflow hose ½“, length 1500mm
1 pcs. Hose clamp for drain hose
4 pcs. Seals for braided hoses

Connection Set 2:

1 pcs. Connection Set 1 + Mounting block 1 " female thread x 1 " male thread with bypass and sampling tap

Technical Data IWS 5000
Application range 12-15 Persons
Control valve BNT 1650 F
Triggering regeneration quantity-controlled
Capacity and Performance
Maximum flow rate 4.5 m³/h
Capacity at 10°dH 20000 Liters
Capacity at 15°dH 15000 Liters
Capacity at 20°dH 10000 Liters
Filling quantity and Consumption
Resin quantity 50 Liters
Volume brine tank 145 Liters
Maximum salt stock 100 kg
Salt consumption per regeneration 12.5 kg
Water consumption per regeneration 160 Liters
Mains connection 230/50/12V
Connection tap water 1" thread
Drain connection 1/2" hose barb
Pressure range 2,0 - 6,0 bar
Pressure loss 0.6 bar
Plant size and weight
Height x Width x Depth 1450 x 850 x 520 mm
GFRP pressure tank  12x48
Total weight 66.0 kg
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