Professional Water Softener in a space-saving size

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The water softener IWKC 600 is filled with 6 liters exchange resin. The plant size is for 2 - 3 people designed. When ordering you can choose one of the following connection sets. You will receive a detailed installation and programming guide, so that the smooth start-up of the descaling plant is guaranteed. For questions please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Connection Set 1:

2 pcs. Braided hoses on both sides with 1" union nut, length 1000mm
1 pcs. Drain hose ½“, length 1500mm
1 pcs. Overflow hose ½“, length 1500mm
1 pcs. Hose clamp for drain hose
4 pcs. Seals for braided hoses

Connection Set 2:

1 pcs. Connection Set 1 + Mounting block 1" female thread x 1" male thread with bypass and sampling tap


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