Descaling plant in a compact design with large capacity

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The water softener IWKC 3000 is adapted for a household with max. 9 persons. The installation and commissioning of the water softener is no problem with our installation and operating instructions. Select, if necessary, one of the following connection sets. Feel free to contact us by mail or phone.

Connection Set 1:

2 pcs. Braided hoses on both sides with 1" union nut, length 1000mm
1 pcs. Drain hose ½“, length 1500mm
1 pcs. Overflow hose ½“, length 1500mm
1 pcs. Hose clamp for drain hose
4 pcs. Seals for braided hoses

Connection Set 2:

1 pcs. Connection Set 1 + Mounting block 1" female thread x 1" male thread with bypass and sampling tap


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