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The company LFS CLEANTEC is your contact partner when it comes to water treatment. We are specialized in the field of treatment of drinking water and service water for industrial use. We offer you ready-for-use water softening systems, systems for nitrate removal, deferrization as well as for complete desalination or complete desalination cartridges and much more. You can also purchase actuators, ion exchange resins, regenerating salts and water filters.

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Many Areas of Application

We are also experts in the field of cleaning technology. Our product range includes ultrasonic cleaners with a number of different areas of applications – whether in the industrial field, medical field or in private households. Our product range is completed with matching cleansing extracts.

Comprehensive Consultation Covering All Aspects on Water Treatment, Water Softening and Cleaning Technology

In our online shop, we don’t only offer you high-quality systems and products for water treatment, but we also assist you with our experience. Whether you’re installing a water softener system at home, informing yourself about nitrate removal from drinking water, buying a water filter or want consultation on water treatment in the industrial area: we have the answers to your questions, recommendations for the matching products for the respective area of application and provide extensive consultation – contact us! Our online shop is backed by a team of experts.

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